Panagiotis and Effi Michelis Foundation

The Panagiotis and Effi Michelis Foundation was founded in 1979 by Effi Michelis. The aims of the foundation include the study of topics in aesthetics, philosophy of the arts and related areas as well as supporting, furthering and disseminating studies in these topics.

With this aim the foundation organises and sponsors academic publications, academic conferences and seminars as well as scholarships for academic research and postgraduate studies. The Foundation runs a Library specialising in aesthetics and the philosophy of the arts. The foundation sponsors institutions with parallel aims and also the funding and the running of a Michelis Chair in Aesthetics at the University of Crete

Panagiotis Michelis (1903-1969)
Pangiotis A. Michelis was born in Patras and was an architect, a theorist of art and architecture, and a scholar of aesthetics. He graduated from the school of architecture of the University of Dresden (1926) and he worked in Athens as an architect and wrote extensively studies on the theory of architecture and the arts more generally. He was Professor of Architectural Morphology and Rhythm in the School of Architecture of the National Metsoveion Polytechneion of Athens (1941-1967), while he also taught at Universities in Europe and the united States. Michelis was also the founder and the first President of the Greek Society of Aesthetics.

Panagiotis Michelis was one of the first champions of modern architecture among Greek architects, and he was internationally recognised, while his work was translated in many European languages. Michelis through his work tried to illuminate and interpret the Byzantine and ancient Greek art, as well as the modern Greek vernacular architecture. Further, he contributed in establishing the theoretical foundations of modern architecture in Greece.

Effi Micheli
Eff Micheli, born Maragou, a painter and wife of Professor P.Michelis, was born in Athens. She emerged as a painter in 1952 painting in the naif style. She took part in many individual and collective Exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She was a founding member of the International Cultural Association of Women, and she was later elected President of the Association (1980). In 1979 Effi Micheli founded the Panagiotis and Effi Michelis Foundation of which she served as the first President and to which she bequeathed her fortune.

Panagiotis and Effi Michelis Foundation
Governing & Administrative Board
Dionysis A. Zivas President
Georgios L. Anagnostopoulos Vice-President
Athanasios Ach. Tzartzanos Treasurer
Agni Peristeraki Secretary
Giannis Kostopoulos Member

The Panagiotis and Effi Michelis Foundation publishes the journal Annals of Aesthetics. The Foundation publishes books in the philosophy and history of art. Its publications include the works of Panagiotis Michelis.

The foundation has founded and runs a library specialising in aesthetics, theory of art and architecture (more than 11.000 volumes). The library includes reading rooms and a small lecture theater.

The Panagiotis and Effi Michelis Foundation funds the Michelis Award Grants one-year scholarships to graduates of Greek universities for postgraduate studies abroad in aesthetics, philosophy and theory of art as well as studies in architecture.

The Michelis chair
In the academic year 1998-9 the Michelis Chair was established at the Philosophy Department of the University of Crete. This was a pioneering move since this is the first chair in a Greek University funded by a private institution.

Conferences Seminars and Lectures
The foundation has organised a number of international conferences and public lectures on aesthetics, philosophy of the arts, architecture and on the history of the arts in general.