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Gnosiogenesis is the attempt to generate a pioneering model of a Philosophical base with re-usable Knowledge. Such a system consists in the creation of a Knowledge-Base containing philosophical theses, and Logic-Rules which manipulate these theses in order to generate logical consequences from them.


In Gnosiogenesis the knowledge base will itself create the paths of reasoning for deriving conclusions from the philosophical theses stored in the knowledge base. By means of this information the user will be able to detect new interrelations between the philosophical arguments (that is, to see connections between the arguments which have not been noticed even by the philosophers who have created the knowledge base). The computer would also be able to construct new arguments in response to specific questions of the individual user, and to select and present the information about European philosophy in an unpredictable and hopefully stimulating way. The arguments of a philosophical theory in the knowledge base will be represented in first-order logic, with the possibility of using a syntax to that of the programming language Prolog.


Gnosiogenesis will bring together two independently developing techniques: the argument analysis being developed by Project Archelogos and Elenchos (The University of Edinburgh), and artificial intelligence techniques such as the knowledge base system (KBS) developed by King's College London. The collaboration of the Centre des Recherches Philologiques (France) will ensure the innovative developments in the philosophical analysis and the artificial intelligence techniques do not distort the spirit of the European cultural heritage but remain faithful to the texts.
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