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Project Elenchos is dedicated to the analysis of arguments concerning the justification of democracy, advanced by philosophers and political theorists, and the presentation of these arguments in an interactive argumentation base.
Project Elenchos aims at developing a model for the presentation of European cultural heritage in text using innovative artificial intelligence techniques, so that the European cultural heritage will be accessible to both specialists and non-experts. In this respect the Project explores new ways for representing philosophical arguments and their structure to the user, as well as of providing an interactive environment which would help the argumentation exchange between computer and user.

There are three main tasks: First, we built a Dynamic Argument Map comprising three argument trees presenting three different arguments for democracy:

The argument from the Intrinsic justification of Democracy,
The argument from the Epistemic justification of Democracy,
The argument from the Instrumental justification of Democracy.

The representation of the argumentation follows a top-down classification strategy, as opposed to the bottom-up strategy that is followed in the representation of arguments according to Archelogos' methodology. The primary objective of this method is to create a 'map' of the arguments. The user can navigate through the different argumentative strategies as well as the steps of each argument. This tool would help the user in gaining knowledge and understanding of the strategies followed by different philosophers towards the justification of a specific concept, and to map the variety of paths that have been followed in the argumentation in each specific area. Next page